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US talk show host nabs first Sony PS4 hands on

US talk show host nabs first Sony PS4 hands on
Still no idea what it'll look like though

Jimmy Fallon was the first to grab a bit of hands on time with the PS4, playing a bit of Killzone: Shadow Fall live on TV.

We still don't get to see the actual console (because you'd get bored of it, if you saw it), but Fallon and his guest Anthony Anderson (that's Teddy from Hang Time, '90s kids) got to fondle and have a go with the Dualshock 4 controller.

Hang time

Unfortunately, it's not a whole lot more illuminating than the demos we saw in this week's press conference, but Fallon and Anderson do seem to be having a nice time, and there are a couple of ceilings that really get shown what for.

There's a lot of shouting involved, because that's what makes two grown men playing games on TV interesting to an international audience.

If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, check it out in the video below: