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Sony delivers lighter PS2 and Deep Red PSP

The Deep Red PSP comes in a choice of bundles, including one with a digital TV tuner.

Just in time for Christmas we have two new additions to the PlayStation line-up - a glowing red PSP and the redesigned PS2 we've been expecting for some months.

The new Deep Red PSP will go on sale in Japan on 13 December for ¥22,800 (£95) for the Value Pack, which includes a case, strap and 32MB Memory Stick Duo, or ¥29,800 (£125) for the 1-Seg Pack that throws in a 1GB Memory Stick and a tuner for terrestrial digital TV.

Adapter assimilated

The slimline PS2 arrives on 22 November for ¥16,000 (£67) and is significant only for the fact that Sony has stowed the AC adapter inside the case. Otherwise, the weight is slightly down at 720g and three colours are available - black, white and silver.

Although it's not as cheap as we had been led to believe, the venerable old console really is a bargain at the current price, so let's hope Sony can keep it low for the anticipated UK launch of the new version in January.