BT's brilliant fibre broadband deals now come with up to £140 in vouchers

BT broadband deals
Image credit: BT
(Image credit: BT)

Doing what it does best, BT has come big with incentives this week, offering up to £140 in vouchers and reward cards with its fibre broadband deals. What else could we expect from the UK's most popular ISP?

These vouchers are split into two parts. You get a BT Reward Card (or, to be more specific, a pre-paid Mastercard) and a M&S voucher. While these incentives are available with the large majority of BT offers right now, our favourites are the Superfast Fibre 1 and Superfast fibre 2 package, or for the two-birds-with-one-stone fans - BT's Classic broadband and TV package

While these incentives are a nice touch, the most important factor is if the packages themselves are any good. Well with fibre speeds all the way up to 72Mb, speed guarantees, powerful smart hubs and no broadband price rises in 2019, these are impressive offers, even without the vouchers.

You can see our picks for the best BT broadband deals down below. Or to compare these options to the rest of the market, check our guide to the best broadband deals

BT's latest fibre broadband deals - end July 11

BT Superfast Fibre | 18 months | Avg. speed 50Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 delivery | £31.99pm + £30 reward card + £80 M&S voucher
The most affordable of BT's three main fibre packages, going with Superfast Fibre 1 will reward you with average speeds of 50Mb. On top of that you're also getting a £30 pre-paid Mastercard and a £80 M&S voucher, making this already brilliant value package even better.
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BT Superfast Fibre 2 | 18 months | Avg. speed 67Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 delivery | £39.99pm + £60 reward card + £80 M&S voucher
Want faster speeds? Jumping up to an average of 67Mb, the Superfast Fibre 2 package is perfect for those big households who need faster speeds to get through all of their downloads. Combine that with a £60 reward card and your tasty M&S perk and this is one of the best fast broadband deals out there.
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BT Superfast Fibre + Classic TV | 18 months | Avg. speed 36Mb | Weekend calls | £29.99 upfront | £46.99pm + £30 reward card + £80 M&S voucher
If fibre speeds alone aren't enough for you and you want a bit more for your money, maybe BT's Classic package is better suited for you. You'll be getting the fibre speeds of 36Mb as well as freeview TV channels. On top of that, you're still getting the £30 reward card and £80 M&S voucher.
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What is a BT Reward Card?

The Reward Card that BT sends out is a pre-paid credit card that you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard. In short, that's around a million shops, cafes and restaurants around the world, so you shouldn't find it difficult to find places to spend, spend, spend.

It's an old-fashioned chip and pin card, rather than contactless. But do make sure that you claim your Reward Card within three months of installation, otherwise you'll lose out on all that cash.