Broadband speed boost: Virgin's fastest fibre deals just got even faster

Virgin Broadband speed boost deal

The world of broadband deals is a competitive market and providers like BT, Sky and TalkTalk are constantly battling it out to be top of the pile. For Virgin Media, it has always been its faster than average speeds that has helped it to stand out from the crowd - and now it's even faster!

For selected broadband deals Virgin is now offering a free speed boost, doubling the usual speed of the bundles. There are a bunch of boosted packages on their website giving you a few different options for your super fast broadband. 

The cheapest of the promoted offers comes in at £27 a month and requires a £25 set up fee. With this, Virgin will give you average download speeds of 108Mb - so that's the equivalent of around 13MB per second - and upload speeds of 6Mb. That's extraordinarily fast for the price you will be paying and unrivalled by most main stream fibre broadband providers.

If you're looking to include a TV bundle with your package, Virgin is offering a bigger and better package for a little bit more. For £32 a month and a £25 set up fee you can get your hands on its Player Bundle. This gets you the same 108Mb speed but throws in over 70 TV channels for your viewing and a TV V6 box for recording up to six channels at a time and store around 500 hours of SD TV.

Finally, for those who like to go all out on their broadband and TV, Virgin is also running another promotion until November 19 that may tickle your fancy. It has reduced the price of its Full House Movies bundle' by £84. So that ups the broadband to a mighty 213Mb (roughly 12 times the UK average) and provides over 230 channels - including 4K and ultra HD channels - in addition to the entire suite of Sky Cinema channels. That costs £60 a month (down from £67) and the same £25 set up fee.

One of the only major downsides to Virgin Media internet of course is that it still has far less coverage in the UK than most other providers. So be sure to check our postcode check below to see whether you're eligible for Virgin broadband deals.