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B&O Play's first wireless in-ear headphones are magnetically beautiful

Beoplay H5

B&O Play is entering the wireless headphones market with the launch of the Beoplay H5 in-ear headphones.

The headphones are not completely wireless, there is a small lead connecting the two earbuds which contains the device's inline remote.

However the only thing connecting them to your device is its Bluetooth connection, which somewhat frustratingly uses the 4.2 standard rather than AptX.

Cubic charging

Rather than plugging an unwieldy micro-USB cable into the earphones to charge them, they instead come with a charging dock which the headphones magnetically snap into to charge.

Once charged the headphones have enough battery life to provide five hours of continuous listening.

When you're not listening to them, the two earbuds can be magnetically snapped together which allows the headphones to be worn around your neck.

The earphones can be controlled via an app which can switch between a number of sound profiles designed for specific listening circumstances. The app also allows you to monitor the battery life of the headphones.

The Beoplay H5 headphones are available now, and you can expect to see a review on TechRadar soon.