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Prime Day Chromebook deals: save huge on the top Chromebooks today

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On this page you'll find the best Amazon Prime Day Chromebook deals. If you're looking for cheap and affordable Chrome OS laptops, then these Amazon Prime Day deals could be the ideal time to buy, with some seriously sweet Chromebook deals

Due to the sheer amount of Amazon Prime Day Chromebook deals going live, it can be difficult to find the best Chromebook deals. Don't worry, though, as we've gone through and listed the top deals that offer excellent value for money.

On this page, you'll find Amazon Prime Day Chromebook deals for both US and UK.

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You'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of Prime Day deals. You can sign up for a free trial, which will see you through Prime Day and which you can cancel after 30 days.

It's not just limited to the bottom of the pile – as you may assume. While you're not going to find the Google Pixelbook on sale, you can still pick up a Google Pixel Slate for $100 off.

And, even if you're not willing to plunk down almost $700 on a Chrome product, there are plenty of budget-minded Chromebooks available, a couple of which are even 2-in-1 laptops.

So, if you're seeking a Chromebook, Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to jump into Chrome OS. And, if you're looking for something with a bit more user control and horsepower, you're in luck – Chromebooks aren't the only Amazon Prime Day laptop deals available in 2020. 

The best Amazon Prime Day Chromebook deals in the US

Acer Chromebook R 11 $299 $200 at Amazon
The Acer Chromebook R 11 isn't just packed with a respectable Intel Celeron chip, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC RAM, but it also flips inside out, so you can use it as a tablet. The kicker: you can save 33% on Amazon Prime Day. 

Lenovo Chromebook S330 $289 $145 at Amazon
The Lenovo Chromebook S330 features fast hardware (for a Chromebook) and a beautiful chassis, all at a reasonable price. And, for Amazon Prime Day, that price is even more reasonable – you can score a whopping 50% off.

Asus Chromebook C423NA $269 $245 on Amazon
In our mind, the best Chromebooks deliver reliable performance with an approachable price tag. And, on Amazon Prime Day, the Asus Chromebook C423NA delivers on all fronts with a cool 10% off. Stock is running out fast on this deal.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB515 $399 $369 at Amazon
The Acer Chromebook 15 CB515 isn't the most powerful laptop on the market, but it doesn't need to be. It's powerful enough to get through pretty much everything the Chrome browser can do, which is all you need out of a Chromebook. And, that $50 discount helps. Stock is running out fast on this deal.

In our minds, picking up a cheap Chromebook like the Lenovo Chromebook S330 makes a lot of sense, as you just need a device that'll load up some Chrome tabs. However, we can totally see students going for something like the Acer Chromebook 15, as it has a little more power and screen real estate for getting those term papers sorted. 

The best Amazon Prime Day Chromebook deals in the UK

Asus Chromebook Flip C101PA £349.99 £274.79 at Amazon
Amazon Prime Day is always a great time to buy a Chromebook as this deal demonstrates. You get a fantastic £75 price cut that makes this an even more affordable 2-in-1 device that can be used as a tablet or laptop. It only has 16GB of storage space, though, so you'll need to make use of Google Drive.

Asus Chromebook C223NA £199 £129.99 at Amazon
This is another brilliant Amazon Prime Day deal on a Chromebook. With 32GB storage, 4GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron processor, this is a well-specced Chromebook that will run Chrome OS and its apps smoothly. The 11.6-inch HD screen is also a delight to work on.

Dell Chromebook 11 3000 £199 £149.99 at Amazon
Amazon Prime Day continues to bring the goods when it comes to Chromebook deals, and Dell's 11.6-inch model is one of the best. With £50 off, you're getting a lovely-designed Chrome OS machine with decent specs (though the 16GB storage is a bit on the slim side).

HP Chromebook 11-v001na £187.81 £139.99 at Amazon
This slimline Chromebook offers 12.45 hours of battery life, along with a stylish design that proves that Chromebooks can be just as attractive as other laptops. Its 11.6-inch screen is large enough to work on without making it too large to carry around.

Asus Chromebook C223NA £229.99 £129.99 at Amazon
Prime Day is one of the best days outside of Black Friday to grab a Chromebook, and Asus' excellent device is now even more affordable thanks to a £100 price cut. With an Intel Celeron N3350 CPU and 4GB or RAM powering Chrome OS, this is a great laptop for students.

TechRadar is scouring Amazon and all the major retailers' websites to round up all the top deals on Amazon Prime Day - and we’ve put all the best Prime Day deals in one easy-to-navigate page to help you find the offers that matter to you.

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