Own an LG OLED TV from 2022? You’re about to get a great free upgrade

The LG G2 Gallery Series TV hanging on the wall.
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As we reported last week, LG has pledged to keep providing webOS updates for its existing TVs and it looks like the first of those updates has already started rolling out.  The news broke on Reddit where some LG 2022 OLED TV owners in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australasia reported notifications of firmware upgrades for their TVs to webOS 23. Not seeing the firmware update? LG says that this is a "gradual" rollout so it might not have made it to your TV just yet.

The new firmware update brings webOS 23 to three models so far: the LG CS, the LG C2 and the LG G2. These are all OLED TVs – and were some of the best OLED TVs that you could buy in 2022 – but LG has confirmed via FlatpanelsHD that the upgrade will also be coming to the 2022 8K OLED and LCD models, which was part of the plan when the ReNew program was first announced. However, we don't yet know if it'll be coming to the LG A2 and LG B2, which are the more budget models in the LG range.

What's new in webOS 23 for LG OLED TVs

One feature that isn't in webOS 23 – and that you'd now find in the best LG TVs – is Chromecast. That's currently planned for webOS 24, which will be on new LG TVs but won't make it to existing sets before 2025. But there's still lots to like in the webOS 23 upgrade.

The Home Page has been given a refresh with new 'Quick Cards' for easier access to your most frequently used content, and there's a new feature called AI Concierge that uses your viewing history and search history to help you find things it thinks you will like. 

webOS 23 also introduces Matter compatibility, which means your compatible LG TV can interact with a wider range of smart home devices as well as with other LG products that use the ThinQ app.

LG's plans for webOS updates depend on the year your TV was made. While you're guaranteed for software updates for five years, those updates will vary from model year to model year. So, for example, 2022 models will be supported up to and including webOS 26, which is planned for release in 2027, while 2024 models will get updates up to and including webOS 29, which is timetabled for a 2029 release.

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