Readers rejoice! It’s a great time to score a Kindle Black Friday deal

Amazon Kindle (2022)
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With the Black Friday deals already at full pace, it’s a great time to score a good price on an Amazon Kindle. Right now you can get the standard Kindle for $84 at Amazon in the US. And over in Britain, you can now grab the Kindle for a nice £69 at Amazon. These cut-price Kindles mean you save the price of a couple of paperback books, meaning you can use those savings to kick-start an ebook collection. 

As you’ll see in our Amazon Kindle review, we are rather fond of this neat little ereader. Its 6-inch display works well as a digital replacement for a paperback book, while the e-ink panel is comfortable to read text on with a dark mode to make it easy to read at night. Plus a non-reflective finish means the Kindle can be easily read in bright environments. 

While these deals aren’t the cheapest we’ve ever seen the standard Kindle drop down to – we expect the biggest discounts to come on Black Friday itself on November 24 – they may be worth snapping up now as super-low price Kindles can sell out stupidly fast on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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Black Friday deal – cut-price Amazon Kindle

Kindle: $99.99$84.99 at Amazon

Kindle: was $99.99 now $84.99 at Amazon
Today's price on the entry-level reader at Amazon isn't the lowest ever but it's still worth snapping up. The basic Kindle comes with all the basic features you need for a comfortable reading experience including a front light, glare-free display, and week-long battery life.

Kindle: £84.99£69.99 at Amazon

Kindle: was £84.99 now £69.99 at Amazon
Today's Amazon's UK price for the standard Kindle is a little more generous, cutting a little more off than in the US. And those savings could kickstart a neat ebook collection. 

We feel the standard Kindle is worth your consideration as it’s a great device to take on holiday. 

And thanks to its relatively low price, if it takes a beating when on your travels or gets a dunk in a swimming pool when you're soaking up some sun, you won't have an expensive gadget to replace. But it’s worth noting the basic Kindle is also fairly robust.

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