Netflix has announced its 'Fall 2023' movie lineup – here are 4 you shouldn't miss

Neil holds his, Brenner's, and Liza's arms aloft in Pain Hustlers on Netflix
Pain Hustlers could be one of Netflix's biggest movie hits in late October. (Image credit: Brian Douglas/Netflix)

Summer is slowly giving way to fall – that's autumn for non-US northern hemisphere dwellers – and that means the world's best streaming services are preparing for us to spend more time indoors (unless you're south of the equator, in which case, welcome to spring).

How so? By delivering tons of new movies for us to watch in the comfort of our own homes. And leading the way is Netflix, which has revealed its Fall 2023 movies lineup.

Unsurprisingly, there will be plenty of new Netflix movies to stream in the weeks ahead, but with so many flicks set to debut on the platform between now and early November, you might be wondering which ones will be worth your time.

Below, we've picked out four films that we expect to be big hitters, with the trailers (where applicable), plot synopses, and cast details outlined for you to peruse. After that, you'll find a full rundown of every new original film set to arrive before Halloween rolls around. 

One small piece of housekeeping before we begin: we haven't included any of November or December's highly anticipated flicks, such as Rebel Moon and The Killer. We'll be adding these to our Winter 2023 movie preview, so expect to see them feature in that article instead.

El Conde (September 15)

Set in a parallel universe, this dark comedy-horror flick from Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín asks a rather surreal two-part question: what if Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet was a) a vampire and b) regretted the decisions he'd made in life?

That's what El Conde sets out to answer, albeit in an artsy, satirical format. After growing tired of perpetual life and the world viewing him as a monster, the now-250-year-old Pinochet stops drinking blood in a bid to end his life. Well, until he finds inspiration to endure through an unexpected relationship.

After its world premiere was held at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, El Conde was received positively by critics, with many of its early Rotten Tomatoes reviews praising the arthouse film. Fans of a certain disposition, then, will want to check this one out as soon as it drops.

Reptile (October 6)

The first of two crime dramas to look out for in October, Reptile sees music video aficionado Grant Singer make his feature-film directorial debut in dramatic fashion.

Starring Benicio del Toro, Justin Timberlake, and Alicia Silverstone, Reptile follows del Toro's hardboiled detective Tom Nichols as he investigates the brutal murder of a young real-estate agent. With every new twist and turn in the case, though, Nichols is forced to confront the fact that there's more to this homicide than meets the eye, realizations that threaten to dismantle his own illusions about life.

Reptile will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7 before debuting worldwide on Netflix in early October.

Fair Play (October 13)

Chloe Domont's erotic thriller promises to be one of the most unexpectedly great Netflix movies of the year. And hey, don't take our word for it – currently, its 90% fresh critical score on Rotten Tomatoes suggests it'll enthrall and surprise you in equal measure.

Fair Play stars Alden Ehrenreich and Phoebe Dynevor as Luke and Emily, a newly engaged couple whose relationship is pushed to the brink by Phoebe's unexpected promotion. With critics labeling it "sexy", "intelligent," "wicked sharp", and "an expertly calibrated urban thriller", movie fans won't want to miss this one.

Pain Hustlers (October 27)

A pulsating crime drama with a stacked A-list cast – Emily Blunt, Marvel alumnus Chris Evans, and Andy Garcia are among its main actors – Pain Hustlers is primed to be another massive Netflix hit.

Blunt plays Liza Drake, a blue-collar mom who loses her job and, after a chance encounter with pharmaceutical sales rep Pete Brenner (Evans), joins the latter under the watchful eye of Andy Garcia's unnamed and unhinged CEO. Given the pressurized environment she's in, it isn't long before Drake becomes torn between her new, well-paying job, her home life (including her sick daughter), and the discovery of a racketeering scheme at the heart of her ethically compromized employer. It's a parabolic tale about the dangers of greed and desperation that'll have you at the edge of your seat, and you can check out the Pain Hustlers trailer while you wait.

Netflix fall 2023 movies lineup: everything else

Will Grady looks worried as he talks to Camille in Reptile on Netflix

Reptile joins Netflix's movie ranks in early October. (Image credit: Netflix)

Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America (September 6)

A docufilm that investigates the institutional cover-up of one of history's most horrific child sex abuse scandals.

Love at First Sight (September 15)

A rom-com that sees sparks fly between two individuals, who missed their respective flights out of New York, on-board their replacement journey.

The Saint of Second Chances (September 19)

A docufilm charting the redemptive story of Mike Veeck, the son of legendary baseball owner Bill Veeck, who steadily claws his way back up to the summit of the hugely popular sport.

Spy Kids: Armageddon (September 22)

A family-friendly reboot of the classic '90s spy film franchise, which sees the children of the world's best secret agents set out to save their parents and the world.

The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar (September 27)

Netflix's live-action adaptation of Roald Dahl's beloved short story, which sees a rich man who attempts to learn how to see without his eyes, so that he can cheat at gambling.

Forgotten Love (September 27)

A medical drama about a respected surgeon who, after losing his family and his memory, reunites with his daughter – but neither party knows who the other is.

The Devil on Trial (October 17)

A docufilm that explores the first and only time that 'demonic possession' has been used as a defence tactic in a murder trial.

Old Dads (October 20)

Netflix's comedy about three best friends who, after becoming fathers, find themselves humorously battling millennial CEOs, school principals, and anything that was made after the late '80s.

Sister Death (October)

A post-war Spain-set horror flick that follows a schoolgirl who's imbued with supernatural abilities, and uses them to uncover terrifying secrets that surround her academy, which used to be a convent.

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