7 new movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and more this weekend (March 22)

Still from X-Men 97
X-Men '97 is now streaming on Disney Plus (Image credit: Marvel / Disney)

It’s been an exciting week for Max subscribers, what with HBO dropping not one, not two, but three (!) fiery new trailers for House of the Dragon season 2 and the Warner Bros-owned streaming service having now secured a long-awaited European release date.

Unfortunately, those same Max subscribers might struggle to get excited about this week’s crop of streaming recommendations, which is dominated by picks from Netflix (3 Body Problem), Disney Plus (X-Men '97) and Prime Video (Road House). Elsewhere, Palm Royale and Ark: The Animated Series come to Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus, respectively.

Below, we've rounded up the seven biggest new movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Prime Video, Max and more this weekend.

3 Body Problem (Netflix)

Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss return to small screen action this weekend with their ambitious new sci-fi series 3 Body Problem on Netflix.

Adapted from the first novel in Cixin Liu’s mega-popular Remembrance of Earth's Past series, this live-action, centuries-spanning adventure chronicles the aftermath of mankind's first communications with extraterrestrial intelligence in 1960s China. Benedict Wong, Rosalind Chao and Eiza González lead a cast that also includes Game of Thrones alumni John Bradley, Liam Cunningham and Jonathan Pryce.

In our 3 Body Problem review, we described Benioff and Weiss’ latest streaming offering as a “deep-thinking, multi-genre and suitably epic Netflix series,” so expect to see this one feature on our list of the best Netflix shows very soon.

Now available to stream on Netflix.

X-Men '97 (Disney Plus)

If you grew up watching cartoons in the 1990s, you’ll no doubt be familiar with X-Men: The Animated Series, and Marvel’s latest Disney Plus offering, X-Men '97, picks up where that beloved superhero show left off (spoiler: with the death of Professor X).

This 10-episode series is independent of the MCU – so you needn’t worry about re-learning how to watch the Marvel movies in order – and even features some of the original show’s voice cast, so X-Men fans will find plenty of nostalgia to enjoy here.

In our X-Men '97 review, we described the new Marvel series as “a delightful and reference-filled sequel that befits its 90s heyday predecessor,” so X-Men '97 will no doubt earn a spot on our list of the best Disney Plus shows. To me, my X-Men!

Now available to stream on Disney Plus.

Road House (Prime Video)

Amazon’s ultra-violent remake of classic 1989 beat-em-up movie Road House is now streaming on Prime Video.

Despite sharing the same title, this Florida-set adaptation of the Patrick Swayze-starring film does deviate from its source material slightly, with Jake Gyllenhaal starring as a talented UFC fighter-turned-bouncer whose skills are put to the test by an equally punch-happy gangster (Conor McGregor).

Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams and Daniela Melchior also star in Road House, which has earned praise from some critics for delivering “pure, hard-bitten entertainment” but also criticism from others for being “a dull slugfest”. As such, we’ll let you decide for yourself whether this is one of the best Prime Video movies.

Now available to stream on Prime Video.

Palm Royale (Apple TV Plus)

Apple TV Plus continues its quest to become period drama streamer supreme this weekend with Palm Royale.

Set in 1969 and based on Juliet McDaniel’s novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, this 10-episode comedy series stars Kristen Wiig as an ambitious woman who will do whatever it takes to be accepted into Palm Beach high society. Laura Dern, Allison Janney, Ricky Martin and Leslie Bibb also feature in the show’s stacked cast. 

The first three episodes of Palm Royale – which critics have described as “a bit Desperate Housewives, a bit Mad Men, a bit Big Little Lies”– are now available to stream on Apple TV Plus. The show’s remaining seven installments are due to arrive weekly every Wednesday through May 8. 

Now available to stream on Apple TV Plus.

Shirley (Netflix)

Netflix’s latest straight-to-streaming biopic stars Regina King as Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to Congress.

Written and directed by 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley, this new Netflix movie centers on Chisholm's fabled presidential run in 1972, which saw her battle racism and sexism in pursuit of making history. Lance Reddick, Lucas Hedges, Christina Jackson, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Terrence Howard and Andre Holland also star. 

Critics have described Shirley as “a formulaic drama that boasts a winning central performance,” so perhaps King’s turn as Chisholm can elevate this paint-by-numbers drama into one of the best Netflix movies of the year.

Now available to stream on Netflix.

Ark: The Animated Series (Paramount Plus)

The latest video game to get the TV treatment is Ark: Survival Evolved, which begins streaming on Paramount Plus this weekend as Ark: The Animated Series.

This 13-episode adventure centers on a young woman, Helena Walker (Madeleine Madden), who must do whatever it takes to survive after awakening in a mysterious new world filled with dinosaurs, strange technology and warring tribes. 

Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel all executive produce (and lend their voice talents to) Ark: The Animated Series, which also counts Michelle Yeoh, David Tennant, Elliot Page, Alan Tudyk and Jeffrey Wright among its phenomenal cast. The show’s first six episodes are now available to stream on Paramount Plus, with the remaining seven installments due to follow at a later date.

Now available to stream on Paramount Plus.

Ramy Youssef: More Feelings (Max)

This week’s non-fiction pick is Ramy Youssef: More Feelings, which is now streaming on Max (UK viewers will likely find this one streaming on Sky in the coming months).

This “brilliant and calming” comedy special – directed by The Bear creator Christopher Storer – sees the titular Poor Things actor putting his uniquely humorous spin on controversial topics including Middle East politics, Islamophobia and… Taylor Swift?

Now available to stream on Max.

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