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LG M2294D review

With more connections than you can shake a stick at, LG's monitor is a winner

LG M2294D
LG's M2294D is the ultimate 22in multimedia machine

Our Verdict

Well-featured for the money, this is top quality monitor


  • Integrated TV tuners
  • Great connectivity
  • Good value


  • Images lack pizazz

The LG M2294D doesn't have any noticeable shortcomings and it's hard to ignore the overwhelming weight of its feature set.

Take the incredible array of ports and inputs on the rear.

If space is at a premium and you want a monitor that can handle any input you throw at it, analog or digital, this monitor is tough to beat.

The integrated analog and digital TV tuners likewise allow you to consolidate all of your visual entertainment in a single device.

As for image quality, standard definition digital TV lacks the crispness of a high-end TV set with good image-processing circuitry. Likewise, the TN panel is nothing special in monitor mode.

The slightly watery colours, lack of contrast and limited viewing angles are entirely predictable. But at just over £200, this reasonably stylish screen packs a lot of hardware and capability for very little money.

As a multifunction monitor for a secondary PC in a lounge, it's ideal.