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Dell Inspiron 15R review

Dell's entry-level Inspiron range gets a comprehensive overhaul

Dell Inspiron 15R
The 15R is a great update to the Inspiron line-up


  • Sensible price
  • Fantastic power and usability
  • Excellent screen
  • Much improved design
  • Great storage


  • Dodgy sound from speakers
  • Noisy fan
  • Semi-irritating touchpad
  • USB ports at the back of chassis
  • Battery a little disappointing

Dell's Inspiron range is made up of the company's entry-level consumer laptops.

In the past the series has played second-fiddle to its more illustrious brothers, the Dell Studio and Studio XPS ranges, which have tended to feature snazzier designs and meatier specifications for those after the next level of not only style and sophistication, but also power, usability and performance.

The new Inspiron 15R

But all that has now changed as the refreshed Inspiron 15R comes out fighting.

Not only has a brand new chassis design been implemented, but a whole raft of powerful components – including an Intel Core i5 processor – makes this a very powerful laptop whether you're simply after everyday use, or looking to run more resource intensive multimedia programs such as Adobe Photoshop.