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You'll soon know when someone screenshots your Instagram story

Ever screenshot someone's Instagram story to send to a friend? You may want to stop doing that soon as the social network is bringing in notifications for when your story has been snapped.

Instagram confirmed the new feature was in testing to TechCrunch after some users of the service spotted a message warning them that those who posted a story will soon be notified if you take screenshots of it.

The warning messages reads, "next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see".

Not for everyone... yet

This is currently only for some users as it's a feature in testing, and Instagram has yet to reveal an exact date for the roll out to other users.

Those in the test group have found they can see who has screenshotted a story within the breakdown of stats, and it doesn't give the creator a specific notification like it does on other services like Snapchat.

Don't expect to get this feature immediately, but if the testing doesn't affect engagement on the Instagram platform you can likely expect this to be a new feature for all users in the coming weeks or months.