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Time sinks: Apps, games and tech things to do on a quick commute

It’s a ridiculous time in the morning, and you’ve just about got out of bed. At this point, you’re extremely tired and could do with an extra few minutes of shut-eye, but you know you have work in an hour.

You quickly get washed and dressed, before making your way to the kitchen to fix up some breakfast and grab a cup of coffee. Now it’s time for that painfully boring commute, which could easily make you cry at any given moment.

Whatever you tell yourself, the fact is you can make your journey to work even better. You’ve no doubt got a smartphone tucked away in your pocket, so why not make use of it and the time you have on the bus or train? 

Time is precious, and you can potentially achieve a lot during your commute - even if it’s pretty short. Get productive with an app, or have fun with a game to kill the time. There are plenty of them out there, and we look at the best apps and services for quick commutes.

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