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The best free iPhone games of 2021

The best free iPhone games
(Image credit: Voodoo)

Free iPhone games have a reputation for being rubbish and full of IAP. But whether you've got an iPhone 12 Pro Max, an iPhone SE (2020), or any other model, loads of superb free titles await your twitchy gaming thumbs – if you know where to look.

To save you the effort of finding them, we’ve compiled the best here, split into handy categories. So if you fancy an arcade blast, a brain-bending puzzle, or a thrilling racer – for free – read on.

Plus, check back every month for our latest favorite free iPhone game, which you'll find below.

Best new free iPhone game

Shooty Quest

(Image credit: Esteban Duran)

Shooty Quest

Shooty Quest finds a gruff retired hero drawn back into battle after some nasty folks steal his cat, burn down his house, and daub the ruins with a painted sigil. Subtle.

As the game’s name might suggest, the hero’s response to all this is to get a bit shooty. In each round, he stands in the middle of the screen, and you tap to fire your weapon at encroaching enemies. Cue: quite a lot of death and you only moving on to the next scene when all your foes are vanquished.

Longevity comes from weapon upgrades and enemies that require you to switch arms on the fly. The game becomes a frantic test of lightning fast timing and good aim, along with wondering whether rescuing a cat is really worth this much hassle.

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