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Sony OLED TV rumours increase

Sony is almost certain to bring the XEL-1 to Europe next year

Just a fortnight after we told you Sony is bringing its OLED TV prowess to Europe, the rumours have started increasing that we're going to get in the next few months..

According to Japan's influential Nikkei business newspaper, Sony will indeed by selling an OLED TV – most likely an updated version of the XEL-1 – in Europe some time next year.

Tiny telly

It's well known that the 11-inch OLED set is a shoo-in for Europe after TechRadar spoke to Sony's Christian Brown.

After its debut in 2007, the XEL-1 went on sale in the US a few months ago for a few notes less than $2,000. Any UK launch is likely to see the cutting-edge set made available for around £1,000.

Massive growth

Sony's probable move is sure to form the first wave of highly lucrative next-generation TV sets – OLEDs, for example, are predicted to sell close to 3 million units in 2012.

That represents staggering growth for what is essentially a new technology when it comes to television sets.