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Skype partners with LG and Panasonic for TV video calling

LG Tvs to get embedded Skype software from later this year
LG Tvs to get embedded Skype software from later this year

Skype has announced a deal to offer its video calling service on LG and Panasonic TVs.

The tie-in, the first major announcement from the firm since its split from eBay, is a big move in taking video calling from the PC into the mainstream.

LG and Panasonic have been developing TVs with embedded internet connectivity, and this is the platform Skype will be offered on.

Video not included

However, a separate web cam will be needed for those viewers who want to use the Skype service, with the TVs only offering the necessary software.

Skype has said that LG will be offering the service on 26 TVs in a range of sizes, and on the V and GT series' from Panasonic, which are available in up to 65-inch screen sizes.

The new TVs will be shown off at CES 2010, where Skype is also planning to announced support for HD video streaming too, according to Reuters, with a minimum broadband upload speed of 1Mbps and computers with a 1.8GHz processor.

The new TVs will be available in mid-2010, with no UK release date announced as yet.

Via Reuters