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Sky phases out standard def Sky+

Sky+ HD - now a default box
Sky+ HD - now a default box

Sky has started to phase out its SD boxes, with the company now offering its standard Sky+HD box to new customers as standard, regardless of whether they take the HD service.

Sky is keen to get as many people as possible onto the Sky+HD boxes, which is capable not only of the HD service that the satellite broadcaster is keen to push out to its user base, but also forthcoming technologies including 3D and IPTV services.

So it's hardly a surprise that even new customers who do not want to take on an HD subscription (at around £10 a month) will get an HD box, although Sky is offering a sweetener for those who are prepared to pay for the premium service.


New customers who don't subscribe to the HD Pack will pay £49 for the box plus £30 installation, while existing customers will be hit with a £99 fee if they want the new box and £60 installation.

For new customers who want HD, the box is free and installation £30, and for existing SD customers who take on the HD package, the box is free but installation is £60.

The announcement comes along with the latest figures, showing Sky has 9.7 million subscribers, with an impressive 2 million Sky+HD households.