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Instagram takes a stand against typos with caption editing

Instagram captions edit
Typos are so embarassing

Instagram power users are definitely going to appreciate the two big changes coming to the photo-sharing network today.

First and foremost, you can now edit captions for images after you post them.

This extends only to captions on your own photos, not to comments, unfortunately.

Still, it's a welcome change - and a major blow to typos and bad jokes that you later regret.

Explorer badge

The second change is to the "Explore" tab in Instagram's iOS and Android apps.

Now with a new icon (a magnifying glass replaces the compass star), the Explore tab has been redesigned to let you more easily search for other Instagram users.

Instagram now also delivers results as you type, in addition to other, less noticeable changes "under the hood."

This update hit the app on both platforms today, and Instagram promises more improvements "over the coming months."