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New Amazon and PayPal apps let you shop and buy from smartwatches

PayPal Pebble
PayPal meets Pebble

Apple Pay and Google Wallet may have smartphone NFC payments locked down for now, but there's more to mobile commerce than waving your phone around at CVS.

Now PayPal and Amazon have extended their reach on smartwatches, letting you wave your whole arm around instead of just your phone.

The bookseller has updated its own Amazon app for Android Lollipop, adding support for Android Wear in the process. It lets users with Google-powered wearables search for, buy and add products to their wish lists with voice commands.

Meanwhile PayPal, which already has an Android Wear app, has released a brand new app for Pebble watches that lets users make payments anywhere PayPal is accepted and search for nearby businesses that take PayPal.

Thank goodness they're finally coming up with ways to buy things on the go without having to resort to the arduous task of pulling your big, clunky smartphone out of your pocket.

Via Ubergizmo