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Olympus announces teleconverter lens for XZ1

Olympus teleconverter lens
The new teleconverter lens boosts the XZ1's zoom length by 1.7x

Olympus has announced a new tele conversion lens for the XZ1, to increase the optical zoom capability of the camera by 1.7x without reducing image quality.

The XZ-1 set to maximum telephoto and the tele conversion lens attached, the camera is still capable of a wide f/2.5 aperture. The CLA-12 adaptor that the conversion lens comes with also makes it possible to attach a 55mm filter.

Olympus converter

With the TCON 17X, the maximum telephoto length of the XZ1 can be increased to 190mm in 35mm format. Olympus also claims that the converter doesn't affect the brightness of the ZUIKO lens that comes with the XZ1.


The Olympus XZ1 is a premium compact camera featuring a 10-million pixel sensor, full manual control and a range of art filters. The camera also features an f/1.8 lens and ISO expandable up to 6400, along with a large 1/1.63 inch CCD sensor which is designed to help with low-light shooting.

The XZ-1 costs around £399.99 on its own, with the new Olympus TCON 17X UK price of £149.99 and the CLA-12 adapter for £39.99. Both have a UK release date of September 2011.