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EE reveals world's first live streaming action camera

EE Action Camera
EE Action Camera
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EE has announced the world's first 4G live streaming action camera to compete with the likes of apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, as well as GoPro's own tech.

It's a rugged action camera designed for extreme sports and family moments alike.

EE's camera comes with a rugged casing to allow it to go under 60M of water and survive certain drops, although EE hasn't revealed any figures just yet.

The camera takes footage in Full HD, with the option to use 60fps and take still photos from 13MP. There's even the option to toggle between resolution qualities on the fly.


Footage can be streamed to Skeegle directly or saved onto a microSD card up to 64GB and shared from there.

As for battery life, EE claims the camera will be capable of three hours live streaming at a time.

Packaged with the camera is a hardy case as well as a watch to see what you're recording. The only functionality on the wearable is a screen showing what you're currently recording, recording controls and the ability to tell the time.

The aim is to produce a camera "where mobile wouldn't survive" and offer users an option to create "live, instant and spur of the moment broadcasts." EE revealed to TechRadar it would be producing more action cameras in the future, this is only the first step.

EE will release the camera on June 16 with pre-orders kicking off from today.

As for pricing it's available on contacts with shared plans including £99 up front and £10 a month from there or £15 a month for 24 months. It'll also be available on pay-as-you-go contracts.

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