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Virgin next up with unlimited mobile tariff

The new Samsung Jet on Virgin Media's unlimited tariff
The new Samsung Jet on Virgin Media's unlimited tariff

Virgin Media has launched its own version of an unlimited mobile phone tariff, offering oodles of minutes and texts for a flat rate of £65 per month.

This means unlimited cross network minutes, unlimited texting and unlimited web browsing per month (although only for existing Virgin Media customers).

However, the data is actually subject to a fair use limit of 1GB per month, and texts are topped out at 3000 per month (with the same amount of minutes on cross network calls too).

Free phone too

You do get a free phone in the mix as well, with the Nokia N86 and the Samsung Jet both on offer from the start.

While it's a nice idea to have no more worries on the bill side of things, as well as a shiny new handset, it's hard to see where Virgin is getting the notion it's 'great value' when Tesco beat the company to the punch with its £30 per month deal.

Admittedly, it compares well with the offers from other larger networks, but with the caps put in place by Virgin on the 'unlimited' deal, consumers will likely be slightly aggrieved at having to pay £35 a month for a phone over 18 months when compared with the Tesco deal.

Anyway, if you fancy picking up the new offer (and are a Virgin Media customer already) then head on over to to find out more.