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Tesco to launch a Galaxy S5-rivalling Hudl phone this year

Tesco to launch a Galaxy S5- rivalling smartphone this year
Tesco's going big on tech for 2014

Following the success of its £119 Hudl tablet, Tesco is set to launch its own Hudl smartphone too.

The handset will land by the end of the year, Chief executive Philip Clarke told BBC Radio 5, who confirmed it'll keep the Hudl branding.

The BBC reports that the phone will be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and will run on Android, although Clarke didn't dish anything on specs or price.

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However he did say that the Hudl phone will come loaded with a bunch of Tesco services, which will include Blinkbox video streaming, Tesco shopping apps, and a media store.

The phone will apparently be "aggressively priced" while still being comparable to other higher-end smartphones on the market.

Comparing it to the S5 is probably just some early hype-building - we wouldn't take that as gospel until we actually see a spec sheet.