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Tesco Mobile announces it's selling the iPhone 4

iPhone 4 - every little helps
iPhone 4 - every little helps

Tesco Mobile has finally announced that it will be selling the iPhone 4, stocking it from 24 June.

It was a certainty that Tesco would get the rights to offer the iPhone 4, considering Three,








are all stocking the handset.

The big surprise is that it took this long for the shopping giant to announce details.

At the moment, Tesco is giving out no more details about what sort of tariff it will be offering – only that it is 'coming soon'. You can register your interest, though.

Pricing and availability

Apple also announced the official pricing of the iPhone 4 this week. If you are looking to buy the phone outright, then you will have to pay a whopping £499 for the 16GB version. The 32GB version will set you back £599.

Add a contract to this and you may have to make an appointment to see your bank manager.

Let's hope that the likes of Tesco Mobile will be offering a heavily subsidised tariff, before the iPhone 4's 24 June UK release date.