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T-Mobile to rename G1 Touch... G2 Touch

Say hello to the G1...G2 Touch!
Say hello to the G1...G2 Touch!

In another bizarre branding snafu, T-Mobile has decided that the forthcoming G1 Touch will be renamed G2 Touch.

Most of you will know the device as the HTC Hero, but T-Mobile, like with the first Android phone it popped out, the G1, likes to rename things in its own image.

The news was broken on Twitter by the official account, and T-Mobile has since confirmed to TechRadar it will be coming as the G2 Touch, with more details (ie why) to follow.

No delay

The company has also moved to refute rumours the new phone will be delayed by stating "No delays to next HTC Android phone. Should have more soon on dates and details" on the official feed.

The phone is set to debut at the end of the month, and we can only assume the name swap was due to the G1 moniker being too closely associated to an ageing handset.

Although you'd have thought someone might have though of that before the name was announced.

Via T-Mobile's official Twitter feed