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Stanford to teach iPhone programming via iPhone

iPhone sales
Yes, madam - you can get your Stanford courses on here

With a clear eye on a little Apple-linked publicity, a US university has announced that it will offer courses on building iPhone applications via the iconic handset itself.

Stanford's computer science department will be offering app-programming courses both on campus and through iTunes as video downloads for the iPhone.

iTunes student base

The university already has a significant amount of content available through iTunes at its 'Stanford on iTunes U' page, but the new venture is the first course to specifically target the iPhone.

The college's Brent Izutsu explained the move: "For Stanford, working with Apple allowed us to focus our energy on identifying and capturing great content while Apple provided us the technology to distribute it globally."

Educating the masses

In other words, using the iTunes platform is just one more way to get college content in front of eyeballs. Remote students don't get the course credit that those actually in the lectures benefit from.

Naturally, the iPhone-programming course can be viewed on other devices, including boring old PCs, but they tend not to grab headlines like the iPhone can.