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Possible iPad 5, iPhone 5C casings flipped and gripped in new videos

iPhone 5C
The purported iPhone 5C sits on the right

The unveiling of the next iDevices can't come quick enough in our estimation, especially with all the leaks we're seeing lately.

Just Monday morning we brought you pics supposedly showing the housings for the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2. Now, two videos from Mac Otakara purport to show the iPad 5 and the cheap iPhone (newly dubbed the iPhone 5C).

The first video may very well show the casing for the iPad 5, though please take those words with a grain or two of salt.

Unlike new iPad images picked up by FantasticFone, the silver back here has a transparent or translucent logo. There's a screen on this case too, but there's not much to gather about that particular piece.

I C you

The second vid may show the budget iPhone. The back cover is clearly plastic, and the device shown looks to be about the same size as the iPhone 5.

We also get a look at the front of the device, and while it's not earth-shatteringly revealing, we get an idea of what the iPhone 5C would look like with a dual color scheme - white rear casing and black front bezel.

Via MacRumors