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The iPhone 3GS - on sale for nearly a grand
The iPhone 3GS - on sale for nearly a grand has managed to nab the iPhone 3GS on a SIM free basis, and it's yours for just £900.

While this is for the 32GB version of the iPhone 3GS, it's still £362 more than the same thing from O2 on pay as you go, which shows the level of subsidy O2 is actually offering. has a history of selling the iPhone unlocked, having performed the same trick with the iPhone 3G earlier in the year.

While firms are legally obliged to unlock a phone for a user, they don't have to sell them unlocked.

Free and French

However, in countries like France, where the phone is rumoured to be sourced from, the law states that all phones must be sold SIM free, albeit at a much higher price.

If you're not after the high capacity version, the 16GB iPhone 3GS can be nabbed for a penny under £800, but if you're going to spend that much just to get the iPhone on Vodafone or T-Mobile, then an extra hundred probably won't worry you.

However, you could just save some cash and wait until the unlock hack comes... is a few weeks' wait worth £362?

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