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Motorola's Android effort similar to HTC Hero

The Motorola 'Morrison'
The Motorola 'Morrison'

Motorola's forthcoming Android phone has had a little more light shed on the spec list, and at first glance it seems very similar to HTC's efforts.

A 528MHz processor and 256 of RAM under the hood sounds very similar to the specs of the HTC Magic and Hero, but on the flip side the Motorola Morrison is meant to be a budget handset.

There's a 5MP camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a HVGA resolution screen (again, like the Hero).

Not that different at all

We also know it has a QWERTY keyboard and a microUSB port... in fact these are pretty much the only differences, although the price will be pretty low if the sub $100 on contract rumours are to be believed.

It's likely to be given the model number of the CLIQ MB200 according to Android and Me, and will be released in two months time (in the US) at the tail end of October.

Will it be too little, too late for the Motorola Android effort? After all, we have been reporting on the subject for nearly a year now... we're not sure this is the phone to bring the renaissance the company has been hoping for.

Via Android and Me