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Mobile TV breakthrough from Samsung

Samsung is launching a DMB phone with PiP technology

A mobile TV phone with picture-in-picture (PiP) technology so you can see what's on other channels while watching your favourite programme has been unveiled by Samsung . Unfortunately for UK mobile users, however, this device - the SCH-B710 - is designed for the South Korean mobile market so won't be hitting these shores.

The B710, which is set to be launched at the Korea IT Show 2007 that begins tomorrow, uses similar PiP technology to that used on Samsung TVs. It comes with a DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) TV tuner inside for receiving broadcast TV for mobiles, which has been available in South Korea since 2005.

Samsung currently has a DMB-equipped handset available for the European market - the SGH-P900 - which was launched as part of Debitel 's DMB TV service in Germany ahead of last year's World Cup Finals.