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iPhone definitely coming in time for Xmas

The Apple iPhone is now on display at the Brentwood branch of Computer Warehouse

Apple has confirmed that we will definitely be getting the Apple iPhone in time for Christmas.

In its financial results conference call yesterday, Apple confirmed that it will ship the Apple iPhone to a few major countries by the end of 2007. By then, some 1 million Apple iPhones will have been sold, according to Apple's estimates.

The UK, France and Germany are likely to be among the first countries to get the coveted Apple iPhone. The rest of Europe and Asia will have to wait until sometime next year

If you want to get a sneaky peak of the Apple iPhone ahead of the UK launch, head over to Apple reseller Computer Warehouse . The UK-based firm said on its website that it has an 8GB Apple iPhone on display at its showroom in Brentford , London.

Apple also mentioned it will announce carriers (plural) in the coming months. It's possible that Apple will sell the Apple iPhone through Apple Authorised Resellers such as Computer Warehouse. That's rather than relying exclusively upon its own retail locations and those of its European partners, such as the case with AT&T in the US.