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Mile high iPhone fans get own jumbo screens

Aircraft cabin
ANA passengers won't have to put up with tiny screens from next year

Gadget fans who just happen to be flying between Tokyo and New York City next year will get a huge kick out of the new entertainment technology about to be introduced by Japanese airline ANA.

First-class flyers will have access to a huge 23-inch touchscreen LCD TV, which is the world's biggest from any airline.

Even the suits in business class get 17 inches and the proles in the back buckets 12 inches – a lot better than those postage stamp-sized screens most carriers have now.

160 channels and lots on

On top of that viewing space, there are connectors for iPhones and iPods, allowing travellers to watch their own material during the flight or play games if they tire of the 160 digital channels on offer anyway.

If you're interested in a little airborne luxury, the new ANA ents gear goes into service from February 2010.