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iPhone SDK to arrive on Tuesday?

More apps will be available on the iPhone before too long

Could the iPhone software development kit (SDK) arrive on Tuesday?

Deputy editor of our sister publication MacFormat Chris Phin has reason for making the bold prediction: “Jobs told us that it would be launched in February, and Apple has a habit of interpreting 'month X' as 'the last Tuesday of month X'”.

He has a point. Apple’s not used to going back on its promises. Its distinct policy of not being like every other tech firm on the planet means that it doesn’t usually speak of target dates unless it’s sure it can deliver on them.

Phin doesn’t think we’ll see Flash as one of the first apps for the iPhone and, as he points out, it’ll be interesting to see what restrictions have been placed on apps promoting internet calling such as Skype. We think that Google (among others) is bound to have seen the SDK already. Just as Apple launched the iPhone’s browser-based web apps with several that were ready-to-download, it’s bound to do the same with this, isn’t it?

Google Docs on the iPhone, anyone?