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iPhone 4.0 to finally offer multi-tasking

Apple to finally offer multi-tasking?
Apple to finally offer multi-tasking?

Good news for those frustrated by the single track mind of the iPhone - it seems multi-tasking is finally on its way.

According to Apple Insider, "people with a proven track record in predicting Apple's technological advances" have managed to dig out this little nugget about the next iPhone 4.0 update.

The sources state that Apple has managed to tweak things to the point where it can manage battery life and memory resources, meaning no substantial loss in performance.

Not ready yet

However, the firmware update is not ready as yet, as it apparently has a 'long way to go' before it's ready to be shot out to all the iPhones.

The debate over why Apple is unable to put features in its phones that every other manufacturer has managed with aplomb for yonks is an old one - it seems likely that Jobs is just looking to keep things back to make new iPhones seem even swishier.

Going on the usual release dates, we'd imagine we'll see the new iPhone 4.0 firmware release date in the next couple of months - with the next iPhone (which probably won't be called the iPhone 4G, although that's the codename doing the rounds) announced in June.

Via AppleInsider