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Sony Ericsson Bluetooth speaker loves phones

It may look like an asteroid, but we assure you it's really a speaker.

After the excitement of yesterday's new Sony Ericsson phones, we thought we'd share with you an innovative little product that could easily be overlooked.

The MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker launches - like the phones - in the final quarter of this year and combines unusual design with a simple concept. The idea is that we all carry such amazing music around on our phones we have an overwhelming urge to share it with friends in a Kids-From-Fame-style dance party.

Space debris or speaker?

To that end, the speaker can hook up to a phone by Bluetooth and relay the audio therein to the world in all its 1.5W glory. A 900mAh battery should keep the party going for up to five hours or on standby for ten times that.

Fortunately, a Sony Ericsson phone isn't a requisite - any handset that supports the Bluetooth A2DP profile will play nicely - but do please be careful when lugging the 225g asteroid-look-alike speaker around on the bus. There's no word on pricing, but expect it to come in at around £50.