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Google Maps 3D buildings comes to London

3D Maps
London and Paris go 3D with Google Maps for Android

The Google Maps app for Android has been updated to add 3D building support for more cities, including London, Paris and Barcelona.

Users of the Google Maps 5.0 app can now view the London skyline in 3D and zoom, tilt and rotate their way around the city.

As well as the aforementioned cities, Google has also added Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon and Boulder in Colorado, USA.

There's also 11 cities in South Africa available to view in 3D.

Next generation

The "next generation" 3D mapping service originally launched in December last year, adding digital realism to the cities of New York, Milan and Zurich.

There's no need to download a new update for the app, the 3D skylines have been added to the application automatically.

The app is yet to be updated for iOS users who're still stuck with boring old 2D maps.

via Google Mobile Blog