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Android advert does not confirm death of app drawer, says Google

Android N
Android N

The latest suggestion that Google will kill the Android app drawer is all a big misunderstanding. Although a piece of Android marketing has suggested it will be cut, Google has confirmed that it's not a certainty.

Google Maps released an advert of new software running on the Nexus 6P, and in the video the app drawer - something that has featured on Android since its inception - is missing on the phone.

Some people took that to be a confirmation that the Android N software update will lose the app drawer from Android.

Not just yet

Google since spoke to Droid-Life, which said Google confirmed the video is an inaccurate version of their UI "and that this is not a hint or preview of what's to come, as has been rumored over the previous couple of weeks."

Droid-Life doesn't provide the exact quote, but the way that is worded suggests that Google doesn't want to confirm the app drawer won't disappear. Maybe that means in the future it will - there have certainly been a lot of rumors.

Google doesn't usually comment on speculation either, so it's interesting that Google saw fit to at least calm the fire - but it hasn't put it out entirely.