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Acer Stream: high-end Android with HD video

The new Acer Stream - mixing it with the big boys
The new Acer Stream - mixing it with the big boys

Acer has announced another high-end Android smartphone, and has packed in even more high-end specs than before.

The new Stream is offering up a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 5MP camera with 720p video capture, and is based on the latest 2.1 Éclair Android operating system.

Other cool features include Dolby Mobile sound with RDS radio, and a large and high-res 3.7-inch OLED screen with WVGA resolution.

Pump it up

An HDMI port is included to pumping your content to a big screen TV, and 2GB of internal storage is supplemented with a microSD card slot and free 8GB card.

We hope it's better than the Acer Liquid, which was the first Android phone to use the Qualcomm 1GHz chip, but was curiously limited to 768MHz.

It also had a woeful battery life and a low-quality chassis with no Android overlay - but at least Acer is promising a nicer skin this time round.

We'll be bringing you our full Acer Stream review soon, but sadly we don't have a UK release date or anything resembling UK pricing either - you know we'll tell you when we do, though.

Via Slashgear