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Noise cancelling wireless earbuds are about to get a lot smaller

We love wireless active noise cancelling headphones here at TechRadar, but they tend to be a little on the large side – and if you prefer earbuds you usually have to settle for some rather clunky designs. Not for much longer though.

Chip maker Qualcomm has launched a new Bluetooth audio SoC (system-on-chip) at CES 2017 which will help manufacturers reduce the size of future active noise cancelling buds.

This is the first time active noise cancelling technology has been integrated onto a Bluetooth chip, which not only saves manufacturer's space in their products - but it also saves them money too. Fingers crossed those savings are passed onto us.

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Listen up

Qualcomm claims it “is taking the category of small form factor in-ear designs to a whole new level and bringing a higher-quality listening experience to consumers who prefer earbuds” with its new CSR8675 chip.

The proof will be in the products the chip is integrated into, so we will reserve judgement until we've taken a listen - but it’s something we’re excited to see make its way into future earphones.