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Nintendo Switch Online users can now play this Pokémon game for free

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can download and play Pokkén Tournament DX as a game trial right now – but only for a week. Technically it's not free in the sense that you have to be a paid subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online to download it, but considering the game usually costs $59.99/£49.99, it's a great opportunity to check it out without committing a sizeable chunk of money.

The trial lasts from 29 July to August 4, and features the full game according to Nintendo. You can play it in the US, UK and Australia. 

Pokkén Tournament DX is technically a fighting game, but it features the sort of detailed Pokémon animations that you wouldn't normally see in the mainline RPg series. We'd recommend picking it up and trying out the story mode if you're not big into fighting games, since it's reportedly about seven hours long. The roster features more than 20 combatants, including Pikachu and Charizard. 

What else comes with Nintendo Switch Online?

Being a member of Nintendo Switch Online isn't quite as exciting as joining PS Plus on PS4, for example, where you get two full free games to keep every month. It's a lot cheaper, though, costing only $19.99/£17.99/AU$29.95 for a year's membership. 

As well as access to online multiplayer features on Nintendo Switch, you get a limited selection of NES and SNES games to emulate on the console. Honestly, the offering could be a lot better, and Nintendo is far too slow at updating it with new games. 

It'd also be cool to see Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles offered at some point. More than three years into the console's lifespan, Nintendo is still far too slow at getting its older classics onto new hardware. 

Still, game trials like this help make the membership seem worth it.

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