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Mophie for iPhone X: new leak points to a wireless charging battery case

iPhone X power users will be happy to know that the first Mophie battery case is in the pipeline, according to a promising new leak.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air capacity is 1,720mAh and adds 9 hours of battery life to your iPhone X, reports 9to5Mac picking up on an early AT&T product listing.

There are other iPhone X battery cases out there, but Mophie's adds support for the Qi charging standard, allowing you to wireless charge your phone and case.

Mophie iPhone X battery case price

The Mophie for iPhone X isn't on sale yet, but AT&T's product listing is a sign that it's likely launching very soon. And the iPhone X has been out for seven months now.

More importantly, the price for this battery case is actually favorable considering its wireless charging attributes. It's $90 (about £63, AU$115) and, so far, it appears to come in either red or blue (other colors may be added later).

That's $10 cheaper than the iPhone 8 Mophie Juice Pack Air through the AT&T store. And, really, adding to your 'all-day battery life' is priceless if you're an iPhone X power user.