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White iPhone: pick yours up ASAP!

The white's like snow
The white's like snow

It's been too long in coming, the white iPhone. It's an Apple handset for crying out loud! Of COURSE it has to be white.

While there is some confusion over whether or not this will be the first time the white handset will be seen on British shores (some customers claim to have seen it in the Apple Store already), The Carphone Warehouse will begin stocking the handset from today.

16GB only

Available only in 16GB flavour, this is the same iPhone you know and love (well, not if you try and use the 3G) so will likely sell out faster than you can say 'Polish actors all in a line'.

The Carphone Warehouse and O2 will also launch the iPhone on pay as you go much earlier than expected, according to our friends at T3.

So instead of waiting until the Christmas rush to pay an unholy amount for the device, you can probably get it much sooner, likely around October. Splendid.