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The Plica: better than an iPhone

The Plica: please Apple/Nokia/whoever...make this!
The Plica: please Apple/Nokia/whoever...make this!

Ah, the concept. A notion that would be awesome and captures the imagination before being watered down by boring manufacturing limitations and appearing as something altogether different.

Which is why we beg and pray to all the relevant gods that the Plica concept phone sees the light of day. Its two hinged touchscreens fold out into one giant display for super internet / messaging / navigation…

Basically, it's everything that works well on the iPhone, but with more screen real estate. That can't be a bad thing.

If an iPhone bedded an EEE PC…

With the success of the low-cost netbook, this is surely a logical corollary. A mini USB and headphone port on the hinge looks brilliant, though the thickness of the device does show the battery may have been forgotten.

We all know concepts are essentially just cool ideas brainstormed by creatives. The designer could say "And the camera also doubles as a tractor beam for helping out stricken cattle" and few could dispute it (though we may try).

But this isn't too far away from real life (minus the cow beam thing), so let's all hope the manufacturers are working on this already, as it's unlikely this is going to be a novel idea for them.