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Ballmer praise for the iPhone

Ballmer: Rare praise for Apple
Ballmer: Rare praise for Apple

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally given some praise to the iPhone – admitting that Apple's App store shows 'good work' in getting developers' wares to customers.

Ballmer, who had earlier publicly queried how Google expects to make money from its co-developed Android mobile OS, has been scathing about the iPhone since its inception.


However, Ballmer grudgingly conceded that he was impressed with work done by Apple and Facebook in bringing applications to the masses through better ways of distribution.

"I actually will agree that there's some good work," said Ballmer, "particularly at Facebook and also with the iPhone, where both of those companies have made it easier for developers to distribute their applications."

"They've made it easier to kind of get exposure for your applications," he added. "There's not much money being made, but the general concept of giving developers a way not only to get their code distributed, but to really get visibility for the code, is a good idea."