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iPad Air release date and price: where can I get it?

iPad Air release date and price: where can I get it?
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The new iPad has arrived right on schedule and with a surprising new name - the iPad Air.

It's thinner, lighter, faster, stronger. Like expected it packs a 64-bit A7 processor and M7 motion chip, making it eight times faster than the original iPad.

We've been doing the rounds to see who's offering up Apple's new tablet, and more importantly how much they are asking for it.


Goes without saying that Apple is offering the iPad Air right from its store. You can go buy one right now, with the Air starting at £399 for the 16GB model. You can check out the rest of the prices here.

If you don't fancy parting with your cash online you'll be able to stroll into (read: queue up for AGES) an Apple Store to pick up an iPad Air in person.


Vodafone is only ranging the 4G iPad Air (with Wi-Fi + Cellular) and it can be yours for as little as £29 up front - although you'll be committing to a two year contract at £32 per month for 2GB of 3G data.

If you want 4G data speeds you'll have to fork out at least £37 each month plus the £29 up front charge, for 4GB of internet. The up front cost jumps up if you opt for the 32GB or 64GB version though.


Further to the confirmation on the Apple site, an EE spokesperson has told TechRadar: "the new iPad Air will be available on EE's superfast 4GEE network, as well as on Orange and T-Mobile."

"Customers who wish to receive more information can register their interest at" We're still waiting for EE to go live with the iPad Air though.


You can also nab an iPad Air over at Three, with the network confirming the slate will be compatible with its 4G network when it launches later this year.

The 16GB Air can be had for an up front cost of £119 if you're prepared to spend £29 per month on 15GB of data.

You can pay just £15 per month for 10GB of data on a one month rolling contract, although you'll need to pay £499 for the tablet, while Three's one month contract which offers just 1GB of data is £7.50 a time with the same up front cost.


The bubbly network has told TechRadar that it won't be selling the iPad Air itself, but it will be selling O2 sims for the new tablet.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is offering the Wi-Fi only iPad Air alongside the Cellular version, plus there are various contract deals for the latter as well.

The SIM-free prices are the same as they are on the Apple Store, although you can't get the 128GB version via the high street retailer.

In terms of network tariffs Carphone has options on EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Tesco Mobile with the lowest monthly cost coming via Orange at £15.50 for 2GB of data and £299 up front.

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