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Sony NW laptop priced at just £1.99

My that's cheap for an awesome laptop
My that's cheap for an awesome laptop

Sony's new Vaio NW Series is certainly desirable - but it could be the most desirable laptop of all time if the pre-order price that TechRadar found of £1.99 is adhered to.

In what is clearly an early mistake by the Vaio store (or Sony is being very generous indeed!) we found the brand new Sony Vaio NW series available for pre-order at just £1.99 (£1.73 minus VAT).

Obviously we placed an order for the laptop, which boasts an 'instant on' web browser to avoid those lengthy boot-ups when you just want to surf.

Of course, as the Ts and Cs state, "We may or may not accept your offer at our discretion."

We're thinking that they probably won't accept our offer – but here's hoping!