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MSI WindPad jumps aboard the tablet train

MSI unveils new WindPad range of tablet PCs at Computex 2010 in Taiwan
MSI unveils new WindPad range of tablet PCs at Computex 2010 in Taiwan
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MSI has announced its entry into the burgeoning tablet PC market at this week's Computex event in Taipei, with the launch of the new MSI WindPad.

MSI's first device in the tablet category is the WindPad 100, which is a low-cost Intel Atom Z530-powered slate PC running Window 7.

The WindPad 100, aside from sounding like something developed and designed by Nick Parkes' Wallace and Gromit, also features a 10-inch capacitive display touchscreen with 1024x600-resolution

MSI has also created its own Wind Touch UI layer for the device, although we expect most users will quickly revert to the familiarity of Windows 7.

Android WindPad also at Computex

The WindPad will also have two USB ports, a very hand HDMI output for hooking it up and outputting 720p video to your HD TV and an integrated webcam.

An MSI product manager informed Engadget that the Wind Pad 100 will arrive later in 2010 priced at around $499 in the US

Also on show at Computex was MSI's WindPad 110, a 10-inch Tegra 2-powered Android tablet

MSI didn't say anything much about the Android-powered WindPad 110 in its Computex press conference, but the NVidia Tegra 2-powered 10-inch tablet running Android 2.1 is on show on the company's booth at the event. Engadget managed to get the first hands on with the new MSI Android WindPad 110

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