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Driven mad by power, Asus releases smelly laptops

Eee PC
Surely Asus has enough models to go around already?

We've long known that the stellar success of the Eee PC has gone to Asus' collective head, but what were the suits at the Taiwanese maestro thinking when they agreed to pimp a new laptop that comes with a range of smells?

The company's new BTO F6 machine is a pretty standard mid-range, full-size lappy, with a 13.3-inch LCD, a Radeon HD4370 graphics card and a choice of Core2 Duo CPUs, HDDs and RAM, but they just couldn't leave it there. Oh no.

Tickled pink

Someone had the bright idea of embedding perfume in the body of each machine, giving us a choice of Floral Blossom, Musky Black, Morning Dew and Aqua Ocean.

Each machine comes with a correspondingly colourful pattern on its lid, some of which are actually quite appealing, but it's the descriptions of the scents that get us.

Floral Blossom is a real winner: "In glorious pink, this design evokes the imagery of a summer party, leaving the sombre feel of conventional laptop designs far behind with its cheerful, floral motif and a floral scent – the most attractive laptop for ladies!"

Bleugh – pass the sick bag and give us an Eee please.