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LG G6 may soon add more security thanks to your face

LG's G6 phone may be almost entirely screen, but the flagship handset isn't without its share of sensors to keep your personal data secure.

In addition to the fairly standard fingerprint sensor, the LG G6 is also going to feature 3D facial recognition software later this year, according to a report from The Investor.

A contactless form of biometric security, 3D facial scanning would allow G6 owners to unlock their phone with a full-face scan rather than a fingerprint or passcode. 

The feature is reported to arrive on the handset as early as this June, alongside the debut of LG Pay — LG's take on the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which has the chance to end up as the first to offer 3D facial recognition on a mobile payment service.

LG may not be the only one getting behind 3D facial scanning, with rumors pointing towards Apple possibly adding the tech for its upcoming iPhone

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 also has similar features, in addition to an iris and fingerprint scanner. However, the facial recognition tech appears to not be three-dimensional and can't be used to authenticate a user's Samsung Pay information, according to Ars Technica.